Professional cargo charter

We are a team of experienced professionals.

We have extensive experience in the cargo aircraft charter market. In addition, the company has a department that deals with the organization of full-vehicle road transports not only from the airport but also throughout the country and in the European Union.

We support handling activities at all airports in Poland.

We also deal with the storage of goods at the warehouse.

24h / 7days

Perennial experience



We offer full operational, paperwork and customs services.

We will organize any transport of outsize load, urgent shipments, humanitarian aid shipments. Starting from automotive-type shipments to huge constructions, machine parts and life-saving equipment. No transport is too big for us. Our offer also includes livestock transportation. We ensure delivery to the destination of all our customers’ shipments according to the agreed schedule.

With our years of experience, we can offer you the best service.

We are the most experienced and reliable team in the industry.

Scope of services:

Urgent deliveries


Non standard shipments

Dangerous goods


Aircraft leasing

On-Board Courier (OBC)

Aircraft ground handling organization


We have a team of on-board couriers who will deliver your shipment from hand to hand.

They will handle all the formalities from flight booking to customs paperwork around the world.

We provide a high level of security for urgent shipments.